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Law 42: Strike The Shepherd And The Sheep Will Scatter

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Trouble can often be traced to a single strong individual — the stirrer, the arrogant underling, the poisoner of goodwill. If you allow such people room to operate, others will succumb to their influence. Do not wait for the troubles they cause to multiply, do not try to negotiate with them — they are irredeemable. Neutralize their influence by isolating or banishing them. Strike at the source of trouble and the sheep will scatter.

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Keys To Power

  • In every group, power is concentrated in the hands of one or two people — for people will congregate around a single strong personality.
  • Powerful people keep their eye on the inevitable few who hold the cards.
  • Understanding who controls the group dynamic is a critical realization.
  • A key element in games of strategy is isolating the enemy’s power.
  • Always seek out people who hold high positions yet who find themselves isolated on the board. They are easily seduced.


  • If you act to isolate your enemy, make sure he lacks the means to repay the favour.


“When the tree falls, the monkeys scatter.” 

What is an army without its generals, without leadership? Whole empires have been secured off of conscientious leaders with iron willpower and vision. Take them away and much like Alexander’s empire after his death, they break apart and crumble, turning on each other, defecting and deserting.

Often the glue that sticks everything together consists of a few key people at the top in any kind of organization, any kind of social group, or hierarchy. Do with this information what you will.

About The Book

The 48 Laws of Power (1998) is a non-fiction book by American author Robert Greene. The book is a bestseller, selling over 1.2 million copies in the United States.

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