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In this day and age setting up your website and starting an online business has never been easier. A 9 to 5 job has its perks but at the end of the day the money is not enough and that is why I have always strived to work on my side hustle and earn passive income through blogging and selling online. This was the only means in my opinion to earn a living and give me the freedom to follow my passion. I did not not want be caught up in the rat race of working a 9 to 5 for my employer and constantly vye for those raises and promotions. Now I earn enough passive income from my side hustle that I do not need to have a day job any more. However, I am still working in my 9 to 5 as designer as that is my passion and I love doing what I do. I am not stressed about the next raise or the promotions or anything and I want you to enjoy that freedom as well. It all starts with a simple thing - the will to do it.

This blog is created to help you get started with your journey. This journey I hope to embark with you together. I want to share my knowledge and I hope to create this as a portal for all of us to come together and share our dreams.

Once you have made up your mind to earn passive income all you have to embark on the journey and follow this guide step by step. This guide is completely free as I intend to share my knowledge. However, some tools may be paid but I will suggest free alternatives wherever possible.

So let’s begin.
Domain name
We first start with the domain name. The domain name is the web address that you type on your browser (for eg,, etc.) This is usually the same name as your business and in my opinion the most important thing. This will be the foundation of your branding and how your customers will remember and recognise you.

Take your time and think of a good name for your business, blog or website. Start by thinking about what you want to do, what would be good keywords to describe your website? I usually use a website like to brainstorm ideas. I type in the keywords and see what it generates. After you have decided the name and checked for it’s availability you can proceed to buy the domain from a domain provider of your choice. I prefer Google Domains even though it’s marginally more expensive then what you would find on the market.
The next most important thing is your hosting. Hosting is where your website resides. A good hosting determines the speed of your website and in turn influences the users experience of the website and search engine rankings.

Getting hosting is fairly straightforward. Yuu simply choose your package and pay for it.

If you are on a budget then go with Hostinger. Hostinger is the best budget hosting available way better than bluehost, godaddy and other similar hosting providers in that category.

If you have a little more leeway then I would recommend namehero.

If you are a pro and want to have way more flexibility then you could always go with Digital Ocean. A simple droplet combined with a tool like WordOps can help you manage your website. This is simply on the list because I used this combination for a number of years to host my website before I finally made the shift to a hosting provider. Digital Ocean offers a great 100$ coupon to get started. If you are a student then you can avail of the student pack that has a ton of perks.
Installing WordPress
Now that you have your domain name and hosting the next main item will be how do you create your website? The answer is simple - WordPress. This is a no brainer as this is the simplest and most versatile platform for building websites. I have been using WordPress for years and have used it for all my clients.

Before we move on I’d like to make sure that you are convinced with WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that helps manage all your content through an admin panel. Paired with a number of plugins that can be easily installed you can change it functionality and/or add to its functionality. That is what makes WordPress so versatile. vs is a private entity that uses the name WordPress and sells you hosting. They are basically a service provider similar to Wix. is an open source platform. You won the code, all the data and all your content. You can choose to move it anywhere and do with it as you please. You will not have this flexibility with You will be tied down to them.
WordPress vs Coding
Coding is too time consuming and requires domain expertise. Wordpress can be used by anyone. Coding also requires you to pick from a number of languages and keep up with the changing requirement, all this can be avoided if you user WordPress.

That being said if you are up for the challenge then coding can be a fun task as well. A number of companies out there have made coding much easier and user friendly. Based on my friends recommendations I would suggest starting with Javascript, React, NextJs or Astra.

Most of the content on this site will still be relevant especially the parts relating to SEO, Marketing and Social Media. However, the next few parts pertain to setting up your WordPress site.
WordPress vs Wix
Similar to, Wix is a private entity. You will be dependent on Wix to handle your data. You will be tied down to them and will have to pay a monthly fee. If they decide to raise the prices you simply cannot pick up and leave. I personally prefer to have complete control over my data and code.

That being said Wix is a great platform as well and definitely has its pros. It is easier to use and if you could definitely go with that if you like. Most of the content on this site will still be relevant especially the parts relating to SEO, Marketing and Social Media. However, the next few parts pertain to setting up your WordPress site. If you choose to use Wix go to…
WordPress vs NoCode builders
NoCode builders are tool that help you build using a graphical user interface. It then let’s you export your design as code to let you upload it elsewhere. My favourite by far is WebFlow. WordPress has a similar plugin that I love that gives a Webflow like experience and that is called Oxygen builder.
Now that I have hopefully convinced you that WordPress is the way to go let’s go ahead and install WordPress. Most providers offer a one click installation for WordPress. Once you go through the process go ahead and explore the WordPress dashboard. Get acquainted with it. This will be your money making machine. Your website is technically online.
Choosing a theme
Now that you have WordPress installed it’s time for you to choose a theme. A theme influences the look and feel of your website. But choosing the right theme is important because it also affects the versatility, ease of use and the user experience of your website.

For the most beginner friendly theme I would recommend Neve. It was one of the first that I had used and I still love it to this day. It is not the most versatile but will be right for most use cases.

The next one that I would recommend if you are looking for more versatility and have multiple websites would be Divi or Elementor. They are the most popular website builders available. Elementor is a website builder and will work on top of another theme like Neve whereas Divi offers a theme in itself. They are good but because of its versatility they can tend to make your website a little heavy.

If you are looking for fine tuning and willing to go a little into code then Oxygen Builder is your answer. Oxygen builder paired with OxyNinja and Hydrogen pack offers unlimited flexibility and is what we use for all our clients.

That’s it, your website is up and running. Now all that is left is a little tweaking and the content.
Now that your website is up and running it's time to add content. Depending on your niche, it would be time to start adding content. I like to watch videos on Income School as they have a very straightforward strategy on how to write content.
Writing content yourself is obviously the best way to go but I know that you might be busy and do not have the time to go about writing your content or designing. From here on out you can pick the direction in which you would like to take your website.

1. Automated lyrics website
2. Quotes website
3. Fitness website
4. Content website
Now it is time to get your SEO in check.
Product and setting up your store
Now that you have a successful website it is time for you to get a product ready to sell. If you can’t think of a product below are two products you can sell.

1. Ebook bundle
2. T-shirt designs bundle
Sales and Marketing
Now that you have your store set up, time to sell your product.